The Subjectivity in Evaluation of Resident Physicians in Medical Clinic Programs

  • Beatriz Rosana Gonçalves de Oliveira Toso
  • Luiz Carlos Toso
  • Juliano Mendes de Souza
Keywords: Evaluation. Educative evaluation. Professional training evaluation. Evaluation studies as issue. Physicians.


The objective of this study was to understand the evaluation process of resident physicians in medical clinic programs under different points of view. Qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study, collecting date in two medical clinic residency programs. Research participants were the coordinators of the two programs, eight preceptors and 12 resident physicians, totaling 22. The data was collected through focus group and interviews, which were transcribed, analyzed, and organized for reflection through content analysis. The results are presented in two units of analysis: the resident physicians evaluation from the different points of view among the subjects and subjectivity in the evaluation of values, attitudes and behaviors. There was a disparity between the students 'and preceptors' looks regarding the evaluation of professional training, subjectivity in the evaluation, absence of clear rules and knowledge of all involved, referring to the fragility in the evaluation process.