Knowledge Translation and Actor-Network Theory: a case study in Brazil

  • Érica da Silva Miranda
  • Ana Cláudia Figueiró
  • Louise Potvin
Keywords: Knowledge Translation; Actor-Network Theory; Knowledge Transfer; Case Study


To better understand the knowledge translation process and its impact on practice we propose a protocol to analyse the interactions between knowledge producers and knowledge users in the Program of Development and Technological Innovation in Public Health Network (PDTSP-Teias Network) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Developing the interface between research and action has not been, until now, a common practice in developed and developing countries, including Brazil. Therefore, the aims of this study protocol are: (1) to perform a post hoc systematization of the process of knowledge translation and exchange in the PDTSP-Teias Network in the period comprising 2009 to 2012; (2) to verify, using the PDTSP-Teias Network process and outcomes, how participation in the PDTSP-Teias Network facilitated knowledge translation and exchange between knowledge producers and knowledge users; and (3) to analyse how the PDTSP-Teias Network influenced the translation of evidence into practice.