The street clinic team and coping with social inequities

  • Tatiana Ferraz de Araújo Alecrim
  • Mônica Cristina Ribeiro Alexandre d´Auria de Lima
  • Amanda Reis
  • Lais Xavier de Lucenti
  • Caroline Santos Pereira
  • Drieli Gobbi
  • Debora Cherchiglia Araújo
  • Pedro Fredemir Palha
  • Simone Teresinha Protti Zannatta


Among the principles of the Brazilian Nation Health System, Equity is related to recognizing the differences in living and health conditions, and accordingly, directing greater care to those who need it the most. It is emphasized that people living on the street have almost 70 times more chances of becoming ill from tuberculosis (TB) when compared to the general population. In order to expand access to the health services for this population, in 2011 the Ministry of Health implemented the Street Clinic (Consultório na Rua) Teams, aiming to provide integrative, mobile health care (Ministério da Saúde, 2019).