Demonstrating Technical Work using ATLAS ti. Software in Document Analysis: Industry 4.0 Competencies Requirement

  • Ilyana Janis


Document analysis is one of the analytical methods used in qualitative research to interpret the various type of publications. Documents are ‘unobtrusive’ and ‘non-reactive’ that are not influenced by the research process yet its flexibility allows multiple interpretations among the researchers in order to meet their research purposes. Various publications consist of different perspectives that view Industry 4.0 as a complicated scenario. The complex scenarios of Industry 4.0 and besides, the absence of technical work in document analysis might influence the novice researcher specifically to understand the requirements for Industry 4.0 competencies. Therefore, this paper aims to understand the competencies requirements of Industry 4.0 by using ATLAS ti. Software in document analysis. Methodologically, this paper presents five stages proposed in document analysis procedure; which open coding and pattern coding used in data analysis. From the categorical aggregation, findings discover five emerging themes in reference to the type of literature to ascertain the Industry 4.0 competencies requirement. Findings as well demonstrate that document analysis can be used as a stand-alone method and could be used in triangulation to validate both credible sources and data in research on Industry 4.0 competencies requirement.