Research with children in Communication: an experience report

  • Marta Maria Azevedo Queiroz


I present here an experience report of doctoral research in Communication Sciences area entitled I do not want to be the naughty woman! I'd rather be Isabella Swan! Appropriations of the female[1] identities by children in media reception, which aimed to analyze the meanings produced by them about female identities in media reception. The initial proposal had as observable printed magazines[2], but the “place of speech” of the subjects in the magazines revealed so only the adultcentric view about children and childhoods. Children were conceived as producing-cultures subjects (Corazza, 2004; Sarmento, 2018), so it was necessary to listen to them, to know their choices and what they are offered and the perceptions and meanings they produce, refuting the perspectives that identify the child audience as the passive pole of the communicative process. In this sense, the reception is the object that became the place of research, entended with production and consumption (Lopes, 1999, 2014; Orozco, 2011; Canclini, 2010).


[1] We understand that, according to Louro and Goellner (2007), the cultural and social atributes que os atributos culturais e sociais conferidos ao gênero são construções sociais, culturais e históricas acopladas ao corpo biológico.

[2] Magazines “Decora Baby” (Ed. Escala), “Pais e Filhos” (Ed. Manchete) and “Crescer em Família” (Ed. Globo).