Death and Life: What is the role of spirituality in coping with cancer?

  • Isadora Cristina Morais Pinheiro
  • Daniela Carvalho da Silva
  • Ezymar Gomes Cayana
  • Pâmella Eduarda Tavares de Brito
  • Danillo da Silva Alves


Cancer is still considered a disease that shows death’s proximity. Spirituality has become a participatory element in cancer treatment to relieve psychological and physical suffering. Such spiritual approach is currently applied in relevant worldwide institutions. Methodology: This study has a descriptive, qualitative and observational feature. Members of a support group for women with cancer participated in this research. The sample was randomly composed of patients diagnosed with any cancer and over 18 years old. This article presents partial results. The final sample number will be defined according to saturation criterion. The data was obtained through a semi-structured interview that covered aspects such as cancer perception and the relationship between spiritual searching and coping with the disease. Data analysis was performed following the Content Analysis from the perspective of Bardin (2011). The ethical aspects were respected.