From Awareness to Deciding to Be a Mother After 35 Years Old: A study of Grounded Theory

  • Maria Anabela Ferreira dos Santos
  • Maria dos Anjos Pereira Lopes
  • Maria Antónia Rebelo Botelho


This study is part of broader research aimed to deep the understanding of the transition to motherhood after age 35. Objective: To understand the transition process of women in maternity after 35 years of age. Methodology: Grounded Theory (Charmaz, 2014), using semi-structured interview, Photovoice and field notes. This process integrates several categories, being only addressed in the present article: “Awareness of the desire to be a mother” and “Choosing the right moment”. Conclusion: the first stage of the process begins with awareness of the desire to be a mother, having several triggering factors, some centered on the woman, others on the desire to satisfy the partner; The pattern of conditions and motivations found to get pregnant contributed to the second stage of the process, called “Choosing the right time”.