Group Care Scenes in Psychosocial Attention: Qualitative Research Strategy in Mental Health.

  • Fernanda Costa Nunes
  • Marciana Gonçalves Farinha
  • Maria Alves Barbosa


Psychosocial attention comprises mental health as a phenomenon stemming from a realm of complex biological, psychological and social factors. In this context, to attain ideal results different therapeutical approaches and network care are required. In the Psychosocial Attention Network (Rede de Atenção Psicosocial - RAPS), the Psychosocial Attention Centers (Centro de Atenção Psicosocial - CAPS) provide strategic services to patients with severe mental disorders and conditions stemming from drug addiction (Amarante & Nunes, 2018). The Psychosocial Attention Centers (CAPS) are territorial units open to provide rehabilitation and social reintegration. Therapeutical outcomes are attained using suitable individual, group and community interventions. Methodological investigation pathways must be designed to analyze complex psychosocial interventions such as therapeutical groups. Qualitative research stands out as a robust approach to achieve this end (Ramos, Paiva, & Guimarães, 2019). The aim of this study is to describe the outcomes of the utilization of “scenes of group care” as a strategy in mental health qualitative research.