The experience of high-fidelity simulation by nursing students expressed from the debriefing

  • Breno de Sousa Santana
  • Alberto Augusto Martins Paiva
  • Bárbara Soares Rodrigues
  • Josiane Maria Oliveira de Souza
  • Tayse Tâmara da Paixão Duarte
  • Marcia Cristina da Silva Magro


Simulation-based learning has been increasingly integrated into the education and training of health professionals and students (Ryall, Judd, & Gordon, 2016). It is a significant component for the development of individual knowledge (Bereiter, 1990; Vygotsky, 1978). However, the authenticity of the simulation environment may be an important aspect or differential for the student's learning and experience gain, when the debriefing moment gives the opportunity to improve the reflexive thoughts through the discussion of aspects of the simulation (Decker et al., 2013).