Perception of self-care supported for users with chronic conditions in the context of primary health care

  • Tarsila Ferreira Bezerra
  • Amanda Gonçalves Silvestre dos Santos
  • Gabriela de França Costa
  • Michelle Zampieri Ipolito
  • Marcia Cristina da Silva Magro
  • Josiane Maria Oliveira de Souza


Chronic noncommunicable diseases are a global health problem and a threat to health and human development (NCD Countdown 2030 collaborators, 2018). In the search to respond more effectively to the needs of this problem, the Model of Attention to Chronic Conditions was developed in 2011 and for that, one of the pillars was the implementation of self-care supported, since it aims to qualify and empower users for self-management of their health (Mendes, 2012).