Living with chronic disease, the meaning for the dyad

  • Claudia Andrea Ramírez-Perdomo
  • Alix Yaneth Perdomo-Romero


the chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are those of noninfectious and noncommunicable character presenting themselves in people.(Kim & Oh, 2013) it has been considered that the increase in the population and the life expectancy cause an increase in the number of adults and the older people which are susceptible to suffer from NCDs that leads to incapacitating sequels. (World Health Organization, 2012) Tabaquism and alcoholism, overweight, physical inactivity, the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol are important risk factors that carry to the appearance of these diseases. (Kim & Oh, 2013). The NCDs have increase exponentially in the last few years, the people suffering from them present dependency leading them to require a caregiver, in this relationship cares are given and received which affect the dyad due to the loss of their autonomy.