Emotional labour in Healthcare: a scoping review of literature

  • Paula Diogo
  • Taís Mendonça
Keywords: Emotions, Emotional labour, Emotions work, Professional health groups, Healthcare


The concept of emotional labour is investigated in healthcare by various disciplinary areas, but in different perspectives. The purpose of this scoping review is to identify and systematize the production available in research database about the emotional labour in healthcare, not only regarding the distribution of publications, but also the areas of health that have contributed to the development and operationalization of emotional labour, and its conceptualization. According to the methodology of Arksey & O'Malley, were initially identified the search terms, later undertook an extensive research, having obtained 136 publications for review, in which predominant scientific literature. Regarding the design of emotional labour were identified three areas of focus, Nursing was the health area with more publications. There are significant gaps in qualitative and quantitative research, including mix studies, in all groups of health professionals in the Community context, and as well as in conceptual models and clinical studies of emotional labour.