Use of selected CAQDA software examples in a research projects based on the grounded theory methodology

  • Jakub Niedbalski
  • Izabela Ślęzak


Purpose of the paper (article) is to show the manner, in which computer aided qualitative data analysis tools can be used in the research practice. Based on a particular research projects, the authors attempt to show how to carry out the research in accordance with the grounded theory methodology procedures, using the available functions offered by such programs as Audacity, WeftQDA and CmapTools. This is how the paper presented the workshop of a qualitative researcher who uses computer software aiding the research process on a daily basis. The emphasis was first of all put on the shape of an analytical process in the context of a chosen method and with use of a certain type of computer software. At the same time the authors stress the existing improvements but also consequences and potential difficulties related to application of CAQDA in qualitative research. The speech (article) is of a review and educational nature, allowing a reader to get familiar with possibilities provided by CAQDA tools and their actual application in research projects based on qualitative methods.