Insider, Outsider or Somewhere in Between: Issues and Challenges in the Sociological Study through Qualitative and Mixed Methods in a Religious Minority Community in India

  • Sritama Chaudhuri
Keywords: Insider-Outsider, Hindu-Muslim, Challenges in mixed methods, Qualitative research in India


India is a multicultural and multi-religious society and a country, which got freedom in the year 1947 after division in the line of religion. In this study, I, member of a religious majority group in India, have tried to delineate the challenges and issues faced while doing qualitative research on a religious minority community in India.India has a history of religious conflicts, complaints on minority appeasement for political goals and governmental initiatives and policies for the protection and uplift of religious minorities. The constitution, school textbooks, mainstream media, and in general national narrative have always socialised us to “take care” of minorities and respect them. This socialisation has built up an over sensitiveness towards the minority population. Therefore, the insider-outsider syndrome is common to a researcher and is likely to affect researches unless some methodological cares are taken, whenever the researcher does not belong to the community being studied.