Beyond the Normal Curve: The Experience of Parents with Gifted Children.

  • Clementina Vera
  • Carolina Yanes
  • Patricia Zavarce
Keywords: Giftedness, Mother, Father, Family, Experience.


In Venezuela, giftedness has been vaguely studied and attended. This lack of knowledge determines the hampered experience of the parents with gifted children. This paper is an excerpt from a major investigation titled “The Experience of Parents with Gifted Children”. The principal objective was to understand the experience of parents with gifted children belonging to the Venezuelan organization: Proyecto Órbita – C.I. 130, achieved through twelve in-depth interviews, using grounded theory design in a qualitative methodology. We found some theoretical aspects that approach to the construction of a theory emerging from the participants’ speeches. Among these results highlights the problems in the motor development of the gifted children, the expectations that parents have for the future of their child, the importance of educating in the value of humility, and that parents do not get properly informed in the subject of giftedness.