The Interdisciplinarity in the Perspective of the Teacher in the Nursing Undergraduate Program

  • Gidelson Gabriel Gomes
  • Maria Viviane Lisboa de Vasconcelos
  • Maria de Lourdes Fonseca Vieira
Keywords: Education in Nursing; Interdisciplinarity; Nursing Teachers.


Considering the process of reorientation of training for the Brazilian Unified Health System and that the professional profile begins to be delineated by the curricular and pedagogical practices of the training process of the future nurse, this study aimed understand the practice of interdisciplinarity in a nursing undergraduate from a perspective of the teacher. This is a descriptive and qualitative study carried out at the University Center of the Ipojuca Valley - UNIFAVIP/ DeVry, located in the rural state of Pernambuco, Northeast, Brazil.  Fifteen professors of the undergraduate nursing course participated in the study. The primary data were collected through the focal group technique, performed in two distinct groups. For the treatment of the data, after the complete transcription, the computerized textual analysis was performed through the IRAMUTEQ software (Interface de R pour les Analyses Multidimensionnelles de Textes et de Questionnaires) that allows the statistical analysis of textual data and tables of individuals /words and is anchored in the R software ( and in the python language ( The study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of UNIFAVIP / DeVry, Nº 1,483,215.The data were discussed in the light of the theory related to the subject, with theoretical subsidies obtained from research in databases of the Virtual Health Library and CAPES. The analysis of the results by IRAMUTEC consisted of the corpus of 57 texts, presented a number of 189 text segments, 133 being used, corresponding to 70.37% of the total corpus. According to the Descending Hierarchical Classification (CHD), five classes were constituted. In a primary analysis, and more succinctly, the respective classes and defining words can be considered  based on the selection of the most characteristic words, that is, the higher the value of χ2 (≥3.84), greater semantic weight the words have in relation to the class to which it belongs and, thus, were given names that function as their descriptors. The results of the study, based on the data analysis, allowed for an approach with the interdisciplinary theme from the perspective of the teacher, observing conceptions, characteristics of the interdisciplinary exercise, as well as factors that influence and the challenges for such practice. The results of the study allowed an approach with the interdisciplinary theme, approaching conceptions, characteristics of the interdisciplinary exercise, as well as factors that influence the practice of such practice. It is perceived that it is necessary to advance from a discussion that stops the conceptualization on interdisciplinarity for the constitution of a methodology that glimpses for a movement of construction of the interdisciplinary as pedagogical practice in a movement that transpires from the epistemology, from the search for a concept to the daily praxis.